Step 3. Install SSL

Install SSL

Before we can dive into the site, we need to install the free SSL certificate. What this does is encoding the transfer between server and browser, which prevents you from so-called "man in the middle attacks". So hackers won't be able to steal your data when there are requests between server and browser.

Also, google started to warn users of websites without SSL and you'd have a hard time ranking on google without SSL.

Leave this tab open and open a new browser tab. Go to your SiteGround dashboard and in the menu click on "Websites"

Go to websites

Scroll down to the "Extras" Section and on "SSL" click "ADD"

select SSL add-on

When you see the plans, make sure that the first "Let's Encrypt" plan is selected

select Let's Encrypt SSL plan

Click on "Activate"

Activate SSL

Click into the select box

Choose SSL Certificate

Choose "Let's Encrypt" and then click on "Get"

Select Let's Encrypt Certificate

Great, you've set up your SSL Certificate. That was an important step for your security.

Christian Grosskopf
Christian Grosskopf