Step 2. Install WordPress - the software to create your blog posts

Install WordPress - the software to create your blog posts

There are a couple of reasons why you should use WordPress:

  1. It's 100% free
  2. No coding skills needed
  3. It's responsive and looks great and mobile, without extra efforts
  4. You can build a blog or website in minutes
  5. It is the worlds largest ecosystem for blog and website creation
  6. It offers millions of free and paid plugins
  7. It offers millions of free and paid themes
  8. It's customizable. You will find a free plugin for everything you could ever imagine

So let's dive right in and install WordPress in the Siteground dashboard:

When you're in your SiteGround dashboard, go to the Tag "Websites" and click on "New Website"

Create website

A new window will open and ask you to choose a domain. If you already chose a domain during signup, you can now select "Existing Domain". If you haven't yet decided, you can also create a temporary domain.

Choose domain to start

Now it will ask you to create or migrate a new website. I assume that you haven't created another WordPress website before, so you can just select "New Website"

Select New Website

Then it will ask you, what website ecosystem you would like to set up. Choose WordPress.

Select WordPress

Next, it will ask you to set up your Administrative user. This user will be used for your WordPress login, to access your backend. Also, all Blog-related emails, comments, and form submissions will be sent to the email you provide here. You can use a personal email address like

Please choose a password you can remember, or write it down somewhere. You'll need it later on

Set Up Login

Next, it will ask you to set up the SG Site Scanner. This is a security add-on. My suggestion is to skip that for now and add it to your plan when your blog grows. So skip this step for now and hit "Finish".

Proceed without Site Scanner

Now the magic happens, and SiteGround will automatically create a WordPress website for you. Nothing to do here, it only takes 1-2 Minutes.

Creating the blog

Woah, and we're done! Congrats!! You've just set up your first website!! Now you can click on "Go To Site"

Blog created - all set

This will take you to the site as it looks right now. Doesn't look overwhelming right? Don't worry, we'll fix that soon and easy in just a few simple clicks!

View first blog layout
Christian Grosskopf
Christian Grosskopf