Step 10. Create your first blog post

Create your first blog post

Great! You created the first category of your blog!! :) Now, let's start creating your very first post! In the left WordPress Sidebar hover over "Posts" and click on "All Posts"

Let's delete the sample content first, which can be done in the same way as we did with the categories. So, mark the first checkbox in the row, to check all posts. Then hit "Bulk Actions" and select "Move to trash", then hit "Apply". (You can always restore deleted posts from trash, by the way.)

Go to all posts and remove sample posts

Now, that all posts are deleted, hit "Add New" on the top of the page.

Add new post

This will create a new blog post for you. Now simply click into the middle of the page and add a title and some text below. You can still re-edit, or delete this later on again.

Add title and content

When you've added some text, it should look something like this.

Added title and content

If you want to add an image into the post (not the main post header image, but just a text-related image) before or after the text block, you can click on the text, then hit the ellipsis icon on the top right corner of the toolbar and click on "Insert After".

open post content tools

This will give you the option to add elements of your choice to the post. Select Image, if you want to add an image to your text.

insert image

Let's do some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your post: Scroll down the same page until you see the toolbar, similar to the one in the image below.

Every post should be related to one topic, that people are ideally searching for. If we take the example of drum tuning, the focus key phrase would likely be "how to tune drums". Enter the key phrase of your choice, so Yoast can scan your text and see if search engines can identify if your post is related to the question that the user typed in the search field.

enter focus keyphrase edit preview snippet

Scroll down a little bit more to see how your post would look like if it appeared as a search result on google.

Click on "Edit snippet" and edit the slug (which is the URL-name of your post) and the meta description (which is the description snippet of your post that appears in the search results. It's something like a preview of your post).

view yoast recommendations

Time to publish the post: On the top right corner hit "Publish"

publish post

Now let's set the main Image and Category for this blog post: On the top right corner hit the little gear icon, which should open a left sidebar.

click the gear icon

Click on "Categories" and select the category that you created before.

assign blog category

Click on "Featured Image" and then click on "Set Featured Image"

assign a main post image

Choose or upload a main image for this post

upload or choose main post image

Click on "update" to save the changes

update and save

This is how to category page should like by now

view the category page

And this how to post page should look like

view the single post page

Awesome!! You've just created an entire blog like a pro! Now you're set and ready to go. You can add new posts in just a couple of minutes, and you're optimized for search engines.

Christian Grosskopf
Christian Grosskopf