Step 1. Find a name for your blog and get hosting

Find a name for your blog and get hosting

I always love this part, because it's fun and creative.

To start a blog, you need to things:

  1. A domain name: For example, mine is
  2. A WebHost. What is that? If you think of a house, the domain would be your land and the web host would be the house on top of it.

Choose a domain name that reflects your niche, or your name. Give this process only a few minutes - the domain is not the most important thing and you want to get your blog started today rather next week, right?.

Just make sure that it is easy to remember and that it doesn't contain hyphens or special characters.

You can check the availability of your domain name right here:
Now, let's briefly talk about web hosts:

You can imagine a web host like a house, where your website lives. There are many web hosts available and prices range from $0.99-$1200/month

If you're just starting your first blog, you should use SiteGround. They are one of the largest hosting companies in the world with over 2.000.000 hosted websites online.

I created a partner deal with them, where you can get started with a discount of -70%.

Some of their major benefits are the following:

  • blazing fast websites
  • awesome support
  • affordable pricing and top notch quality
  • free SLL(required for security)
  • free CDN(required for loading speed)

Their free 24/7 chat support saved my life countless times. When you run into technical troubles, they are here - instantly - to help you out. You can read my full review here if you like.

If you currently don't have the time to set up your blog, I would still recommend signing up for SiteGround right now and continue with the tutorial when you have the time.

They will compensate me every time someone signs up, but this is at no cost for you and it supports me, creating more useful content.

And yes, I am trying to sell you one of their plans right now. But I only recommend services that I use myself, so you get the best results out of my tutorials. Otherwise you would be angry with me and this is surely not what I want :).

Now, that we've got this out of the way, let's start to create your first blog together. If you need help with anything, you can just drop me an email to and I'll most likely reply instantly! :)

You can signup here. The discount is automatically applied.

1. Choose a plan

I would recommend going with their cheapest plan, called "StartUp"

You're just starting, and you don't need tons of extra features or immense server resources. The cheapest plan is good enough to start with!

The cool thing about Siteground is that even in the cheapest plan, you will get a free SSL certificate (which is important for security) and a free CDN (which is important for the fast delivery of your blog).

SiteGround Hosting Plans

2. Select a domain

This part is pretty much straight forward. You either choose a new domain, or you can transfer a domain that you already own.

In case you choose a new domain, it will immediately tell you if it's available and you can just add it to your order. Most domains cost around 10-12$.

SiteGround Hosting Domain registration

3. Checkout

They will only show credit cards as a payment method, but in fact, you can also pay via PayPal, if you just contact their 24/7 chat support. They will immediately provide you with a PayPal checkout.

Siteground Checkout
Christian Grosskopf
Christian Grosskopf