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(Not so much here yet, but there's a lot more to come)
Lessondo, Christian Grosskopf

Christian Grosskopf

From a passionate online marketer and webdeveloper for self-employed and local businesses. I'm not rich, but I know how to generate leads, acquire new customers and how to sell goods and services online! :D

I am a certified drum teacher and had a local business with my drum teaching services. I spent years, learning online marketing and webdevelopment and now it's time to share my knowledge.

The reason I want to share my knowledge

Maybe you already noticed that my roots are the jazz drums. I've spent half of my live practicing drums and gaining the skills to teach drums officially. This is where I realized that teaching is one of the most important things in my life.

When I got my jazz drumming diploma, I suddenly had to deal with finding more students in order to make a living from drum teaching. This is where I realized that I need to care about business, which is a topic that I've never heard before. Not at home, not in school, not at university.

So I asked myself, how I can learn about business ? I started to browse the web, talked a lot to other people and found out, about Udemy which is an absolutely awesome learning platform, that changed my life entirely.

So I enrolled in many courses about business and online marketing. I knew the future is online, so I needed to care more about online marketing, which was totally new for me .

I learned about website builders, sales funnels, landing pages, funnel optimization, google ads, facebook ads, AB testing and a lot more. It took many years, but it was very exciting because I always could try out everything that I've learned in real life.

I've had some success with an online business, offering music mixing services for hobby musicians. Altough it was a profitable business for me, I felt that this is just not the right thing to do for me. I wanted to build something which gives me the ability to teach and help other people. Also I was always a fan of freedom, financially and location-wise.

This is the reason I decided to start this blog. I want to help self-employed and local businesses to reach more clients online and to make use of the endless possiblities for their own business. Nothing would make me more happy than helping you to achieve your goals.

In order to run this blog fulltime, and spend all my time teaching, I will list some products/services on this blog which I get commissions for. This is how I want to make a living with it. In case you purchase one of these services, you won't be charged more. Sometimes you'll actually receive coupons to get it cheaper. I will only recommend services and products that I actually use myself and that I believe in. All of this needs to be said, just because I believe in honesty, transparency and love. Learn more

Let's get this journey started, I am excited where it goes :)